Ethics, Morals and Programming.

PoP Community Rules

last updated: Tue Sep 29, 2020, 12:11:14

Now and then it is sensible to remind one another of our community rules. Your continued membership in the Forum is your continued acceptance of these terms.

  • Saggio Technologies pays for the infrastructure that enables this list.
  • The views and ideas spread by members are their own views and ideas and do no necessarily reflect those of Saggio Technologies or other members of this community.
  • Be nice
  • Help others
  • Try to engage in cooperative dialectic. Avoid lettings a conversation descend into debate. (there's a difference between debate and dialectic - learn it and avoid debate)
  • No company bashing
  • No trade secrets
  • If you dislike the community, unsubscribe or ask the admin to do it for you.
  • The admin reserves the right to unsubscribe anyone at his discretion for whatever reason and an explanation will most likely not be provided.

Thank you ALL! I love how this amazing site has already generated so much helpful feedback!

This site subscribes to the Lean Startup method.

Feedback is greatly appreciated. Thank you!