Ethics, Morals and Programming.

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Most programmers these days just want to learn the syntax of a language and then make money. Devon Canady, Banks Environmental Data

Learn the Stoic Art of Programming

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  1. Philosophy in Programming? Who Needs it? -- These days there seems to be a lot of talk about programming. Apparently, everyone wants in on it. There are stories about wildly successful programmers everywhere. Their stories inspire and make you feel like you can do it too. Most programmers these days just want to learn the syntax of a language and then right away make money. There is little respect for the craft at first. That comes later.

  2. The Stoic Art of Programming -- What can we learn from 2500 year old philosophy? Apparently, quite a bit. Memento Mori, be thankful for your nature, worry firstly what you can effect yourself -- these are Stoic ideas that are very much applicable today especially during the act of programming. Learn what Stoicism is and then how you can apply it to programming.

  3. The Problem with Abstractions -- Don't Repeat Yourself. Always code SOLID. Programmers are taught many anecdotes and most are followed religiously. But to what end? Abstractions are hard to get right. In fact, they have lead so many problems that now some programmers are 100% anti-OOP. Some sanity is needed.

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Who are you?

At present, this site has just one maintainer. That would be me. Darryl T. Agostinelli . I am a programmer. Years ago, I realized that much of programming is actually quite "philosophical". Then, I set out to study it. This site is a collection of the ideas that I learned along the way. Now I want to share it with you.

Why did you make this?

To help people. If I can teach you one new idea, then this was all worth it. But I hope to do better. There is a whole list of ideas on this site for you to look over.

If I give you my email address, will you sell it?

It still somewhat amazes me that people still wonder about that. No, of course I won't sell it! This site is a deal between you and I. You give me your email address and I send you useful stuff. Now and then I will tell you about things that I do sell and you can consider if you want to buy it at that time. After all, in order to keep this site going, I need some money to do it. Nevertheless, the overwhelming majority of what you will read in your email will be useful information.

Thank you ALL! I love how this amazing site has already generated so much helpful feedback!

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